Blomdahl offers hypoallergenic earrings, necklaces and bracelets, plus the safest medical ear-piercing system.

Safe ear piercing

A patented medical
ear-piercing system

Hi. I am Dave Loftus and I started Blomdahl USA in the early 2000’s when I learned about a new, safe, and sanitary system for piercing babies, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. That system is manufactured in Sweden by an amazing company – Blomdahl. We are so pleased and honored to be their distributor in the USA.

The Blomdahl state of the art factory is shown above. It is filled with the most advanced medical manufacturing technology – and that technology is applied to manufacturing jewelry. There is nothing else like it in the world. The factory is also filled with the most wonderful and committed people I have ever worked with. Their passion for beauty and safety is reflected in every piece of jewelry we sell.


Blomdahl works in close collaboration with skin specialists, to create a safe line of elegant jewelry for babies, kids and adults.

Nickel-free jewelry

Hypoallergenic jewelry
since 2001

We specialize in medical grade titanium earrings and medical grade plastic earrings for people with sensitive skin and allergies to jewelry—perfect for babies, kids, and adults!


Our earrings use only the finest European crystals and
high-quality Cubic Zirconia to add brilliance and sparkle.