Golden Titanium Bezel Crystal Earrings
Golden Titanium Bezel Crystal Earrings

Golden Titanium Bezel Crystal Earrings

$35.00 - $55.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Angi Ramsey

    Great purchase

    For the first time I can wear earrings that don’t cause irritation and pain! They are very pretty too!

  • Posted by MK

    Dainty & sparkly

    I got 3mm size - the smallest ones. They are understated but super cute. Tiny but sparkly and perfect for my 2nd hole piercing. Please make more dainty designs like this - those are really trendy and stylish nowadays. Also please consider making the hoops - like huggies for the 2nd hole or speciality piercings like cartilage. Been a royal customer at Blomdahl and bought the gold titanium pieces for the first time and I really love them - please make more designs in gold color as well.

  • Posted by Robin

    4 mm Size

    Small, simple, beautiful, truly 100% comfortable!

  • Posted by Karen

    Great earrings!

    I’ve been struggling to find a set of earrings that don’t bother my ears. I’m so glad I stumbled across these. My ears are happy and I have some bling in my life again.

  • Posted by Debbie

    I love them. I have not been able to wear any earrings for more than a couple of hours without skin reddening or irritation until I got these earrings. I was referred by a girlfriend who has bought from Blomdahl and I thank her.

    I am so happy I was referred to Blomdahl so that I can wear earrings all day again without discomfort.

  • Posted by Darren

    Beautiful earrings

    Beautiful earrings, perfect size....but backings challenging to get off...and when they do come off, hard to keep a hold of. I will need to purchase a package of replacement backings just in case:). Worth it though.

  • Posted by simone Stephenson

    I absolutely love it. They are beautiful and fit my 13 year old perfectly. So glad I found this. For years she has not been able to wear earrings without her lobes being sore. I will be ordering for my 12mth old as well.

    Absolutely beautiful. Nice quality. Perfect for my 12 yr old sensitive lobes.

  • Posted by Patricia Gilmartin

    3mm gold studs

    Simple and beautiful. Nice quality. Good service.

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