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Medical ear piercing – new patients
and passive income

Did you know that there are almost 20,000 searches for “Medical Ear Piercing” every day? Moms are looking for a safe place to pierce their children’s ears. By performing this valuable, high demand service, your medical practice can benefit two ways.

First, you provide a safe alternative for families who don’t want to use a mall kiosk or tattoo parlor. Doing so generates positive word-of-mouth advertising, creating an excellent source of new patients. Secondly, your practice receives both active income from the procedure and passive income from subsequent sales of our hypoallergenic, medical-grade earrings. 

New Patient Referrals

There is no better advertising than
happy moms needing medical ear
piercing for kids.

Excellent Passive Income

Super low on effort, super high
on profits. Earn a commission every time
your patients buy.

Automated Marketing

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Minimal management.

Join our large network of medical
practitioners across the USA

American doctors, especially, pediatric practices, are in a unique position to meet the growing demand for medical ear piercing. Not only does it increase your bond and relevance to the community, but you create a new cash revenue stream as well. 

The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System is only available to medical professionals in the U.S.A. This limited distribution sets you apart from other piercing venues. Our system delivers maximum safety to your patients, and you provide a clean, professional environment. The combination defines medical ear piercing.

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Blomdahl Earrings

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Eliminates transmission of
blood-borne viruses

Traditional ear piercing guns present a genuine health hazard. They can easily transmit blood-borne viruses. The danger is so real that most European countries have banned these instruments. Unfortunately, they are still legal and widely available in the USA. Our system uses single-use, disposable cassettes that eliminate the chance of transmission.


Nickel allergy and skin

3-4% of the population is born with nickel sensitivity, and 20-25% of people with pierced ears develop some level of nickel allergy/sensitivity. Ear piercing and earrings can cause this condition. The Blomdahl system eliminates this risk by using medical grade ear piercing studs. We also have a complete line of hypoallergenic earrings. You have the opportunity to offer an enormous safety benefit to your patients and their families.