Safety Ear Rings
Safety Ear Rings

Safety Ear Rings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Linda Sherwood

    Life Changing!

    I haven’t been able to wear earrings for years without my ears itching and getting irritated to the point of infection. I finally just gave up all together. I discovered Blomdahl and thought I’d give their earrings a try. Been wearing these hoops for a week straight and haven’t had a single problem! I just ordered another pair. Worth every penny and I am so excited to be able to wear earrings again!!

  • Posted by AB

    12mm hoop earrings

    These are difficult to fasten, you have to squeeze the wire hoop very hard and it takes awhile to get it done. Once on they are very secure and I used them for swimming. The 12mm size is smaller than I expected and I wish a photo was included on the webpage that shows how the two sizes look on models as I would have realized I would have liked the 14mm size better.

  • Posted by Stacey Hodges

    Safety ear rings

    The 14mm safety ear rings are great. They unlatch easily if you pull up on the straightish end while holding the hooked end. I wear them night and day with no problem, and now my holes aren’t closing since I no longer forget to put earrings in. However, the 12mm size are beasts to remove. It is so difficult to take them out that I no longer wear them. I give the 12mm size merely 2 stars for difficulty in using them. I could be interested in larger hoops if they were offered, not for night use, but for adding dangles to and wearing during the day.

  • Posted by Robin

    Very difficult to fasten!

    I bought the 12mm and they are very difficult to fasten! I think the 14mm would be easier. Because of the fastening issue, these will not get a lot of wear. If you buy, I highly recommend the larger size.

  • Posted by Sally

    Nice little hoops

    Comfortable fit

  • Posted by Anna Marie

    Great Earrings!

    I bought these for my teen daughter who has sensitive ears, and the loves them! Not only do they look great, but they do not bother her ears at all. She wears them day and night, and finds them very comfortable.

  • Posted by Sally

    safety earrings

    Just the right size. Very comfortable. No itch! Allows me to attach dangles from cheap earrings to the hopes. Happy I bought them.

  • Posted by Alicia

    Very comfortable

    Very comfortable and cute little earrings. I've worn them for several days now and zero irritation, swelling, or redness. The only thing preventing me from giving them 5 stars is the difficulty I had getting the clasp shut. I had to have someone else help me. I'm sure with some more practice, it will become a lot easier.

  • Posted by Alison R Tatem

    Love these!

    I love these earrings! Simple, delicate hoops that I can wear everyday. Zero irritation and comfortable to sleep in. I can also add charms to change look.

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