The Top Side Gigs for Nurses


Even though working as a nurse can be gratifying and fulfilling, it can also be very demanding as a job. You work long hours, and sometimes, it's without a sense of appreciation from others. For some individuals, this choice becomes a bit overwhelming, taking up all of their energy and emotional resources. Yet, for just as many other people, nursing is exactly what they desired it to be. Even so, you may be looking for an alternative way of earning extra income to fulfill certain goals that you may have.

Reasons why you might want to look for a side job include:

  You are freshly retired

  You have a lot of free time on your calendar

  Extra cash would make it possible to make a desired purchase

  You simply want to pay off your debts

Many side hustles exist that allow you to use your education and experience as a nurse. Even if long shift hours are creating tight schedules, and you are finding it difficult to fit in a second job, there is a job that will work for you.

As a registered nurse, you've already begun your path toward a rewarding and financially successful future. Securing this way of life and the comfort it provides is as simple as keeping your eyes open for new opportunities and using the steps shown here.


Set a Goal

It's important to know the answers to two questions in particular if you want to know where to begin your efforts: What are you trying to do with your side hustle and when do you want to begin?

After all, lots of side hustles for nurses exist and you should make your best effort to narrow down your options to minimize your search time. Some side jobs are simply more lucrative than others, while others provide a sense of giving back to society.

Are you looking for a job that pays well or one that feels good? Most likely, it's a combination of both. However, you may want to decide which purpose is stronger in your desire to find a part-time gig to guide your selection. Know what it is that you want to spend your additional income on and determine the best path to get you there.


When Are You Going to Get Started?

If you aren't in a hurry to make your extra cash, you can easily keep your starting date flexible. This strategy gives you the opportunity to look around before making a commitment. On the other hand, make sure that you have an answer for this question once you actually make your selection of side jobs for nurses.

Take the time to figure out when you'll have the most free time to begin job hunting. One month might already be filled with personal commitments for birthdays and other types of family events, while another is completely open.


How Much Income Are You Looking to Make?

Most likely, your initial goal is to find a way to supplement your income. Before you begin, you should figure out what you intend to do with the extra income. You can use this information to help you figure out which job is going to help you realize your financial goal.

How much money you make with your side hustle is going to be determined by the actual gig you pick. From hourly rates to return on investment, your extra income can fall anywhere between a little bit of cash and a whole lot of money. Try to determine whether or not you are going to realize the financial goal you've set for yourself with the job choice that you've made.

However, you should also keep in mind that you don't want to also increase your stress level. Take a few moments to figure out which gig is going to be gratifying without adding unwanted stress into your life.


How Many Hours Each Week Are You Looking to Work?

It's important to be realistic about the number of hours you want to dedicate to a side job. While you want this gig to enhance your income, you also need to be practical about it. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance helps you avoid the kind of burnout that disrupts personal relationships and family life. Figure out how many hours you can devote each week to your choice of side hustles for nurses and then stick to this number.


Do You Want to Work from Home, Virtually, or In-Person?

The top side gigs for nurses include the opportunity to work from home, virtually, or in-person. Figure out which of these scenarios fits best into your existing schedule and begin your search from there. If it really doesn't matter whether you carve out a space at home or travel to a different location, your options increase. Nonetheless, working from home might save you lots of travel hours.


Figure Out What You Are Good at Doing

Figuring out what you are interested in doing as well as what you are actually good at can guide your selection of a secondary job. Some of the top side gigs for nursing professionals include teaching, writing, selling, and organizing skills. Finding the one that is calling your name can make this a personally rewarding opportunity as well as a financially pleasing one.


Side Job Possibilities for Nurses

To make the most out of your side gig, choose a job that you are planning to keep throughout your career. Doing so allows you to improve your skills as you gain experience and knowledge completing your duties in your part-time endeavor. Not only should this strategy make it easier to complete your new tasks, but it should also enhance the pleasure of doing so.

The following list of side hustles offers lots of ideas to get you started in your search for a work-from-home, on-site, or a remote nursing gig. Why not take a look at some of the top side gigs for nurses listed here and learn more about the opportunities they offer, including ways to boost your income or fill your downtime?




Medical Ear Piercing

One of the easiest in-person side hustles for nurses, ear piercing provides a reliable hourly rate. Today's customers are searching for superior ear piercing provided by trained professionals who have the experience to deliver quality care. Numerous opportunities exist and include flexible, part-time hours, making it easy to include this type of side gig into even the busiest of schedules.


Case Management

Case management positions offer an exciting opportunity for nurses looking for a side hustle working from home. A great deal of the work that you do is accomplished over the phone or through email, allowing you to work at your leisure. As the population continues to age as well as grow in numbers, there is a high demand for nurses to fill these positions, which are readily available for those nurses looking for additional income.

Case management nurses usually work with patients who are seriously ill or struggling with a chronic medical condition. These patients often have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, or a combination of serious conditions, requiring either short or long-term disability care. You will work closely with the patients, their physicians, and the insurance companies. Your primary goals are to facilitate communication among all parties as well as to ensure compliance with the healthcare plan.

Typical duties for a nurse in case management include:

  Creating a strategy of care along with the physician's input

  Managing the plan of care while ensuring it meets the insurance guidelines

  Advocating for the patient to receive the best possible treatment options


Telephone Triage Nurse

If you have good phone skills, you might want to consider becoming a telephone triage nurse. This job offers the flexibility of working from home during the hours you choose. With more people choosing to stay home and reach out over the phone for medical help, this field is growing rapidly. It could be the perfect side hustle for you, particularly if you have good people skills.

Typical duties include:

  Addressing patients' concerns and answering their questions

  Evaluating a patient's symptoms

  Recommending next steps for patients as well as offering suggestions for treatment


Freelance Nurse Writer

If you are good with putting words together, a gig as a freelance nurse writer on healthcare topics could be an easy way to earn additional money. People are constantly searching for information on a wide variety of health-related topics. Your blog could easily become their go-to source for information.

Your experience and knowledge as a nurse give you insight into medical issues that may be a valuable help to individuals looking to improve their health. Your blog may even lead to opportunities to assist in putting together pamphlets, press releases, and articles intended for the general public.

As a freelance nurse writer, you get to be your own boss in this experience, and you get to choose the topics that interest you. Best of all, you can easily work from any location, allowing you to fill in downtime with a profitable activity.


Health Informatics

For nursing professionals holding exceptional organizational and technological skills, the field of health informatics provides financially and personally rewarding benefits. As one of the top side gigs for nurses, a job in health informatics pays well while also delivering the satisfaction of doing more with one's training.

Some of the skills needed for careers in health informatics include:

  Ability to assess the quality of data

  Ability to understand and explain best practices for optimal care delivery to support teams

  A knowledge of technology and best practices for process implementation

  Ability to monitor workflow and changes within the process

  Ability to develop computer programs or build databases


Insurance Claims

If you want a work-from-home nursing job, you would do well to consider becoming an insurance claims specialist. Your background as a nurse gives you a strong foundation from which to begin, and the hours are flexible, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule. Your familiarity with medical terms and treatment plans should assist you in making informed decisions with relative ease.

Your role as a specialist will involves such tasks as:

  Looking into medical claims

  Evaluating protocols for treating certain medical conditions and illnesses

  Determining whether or not insurance coverage for the utilized strategies exist

  Evaluating the size of the monetary payout to the claimant


Call Center Nurse

If you appreciate the opportunity to work independently, you may want to look into a job as a call center nurse. Your existing medical experience and knowledge will transfer nicely to this type of side gig, and the hours are typically flexible.

Working as a call center nurse allows you to use your skills, while also giving you the chance to enhance your monthly income. Typically, you'll have access to a physician to answer any questions regarding one of the calls along with a set of nursing protocols and guidelines. Best of all, you don't need tons of nursing experience for this job, and you can work from home.

The primary duties of a call center nurse are:

  Answer phone calls

  Evaluate the caller's symptoms

  Direct the call to the appropriate number based upon a tentative assessment using the details offered by the caller


Nurse Educator

Everyone can use a little assistance now and again. Why not consider tutoring nursing students as a side gig? Your experience and well-earned knowledge make you the perfect candidate to provide guidance for individuals struggling with challenging courses or studying to pass their exams.

To get started, all you need to do is make a connection with a nursing student. Try asking at the local nursing school or offer your services online.

Another option for using your knowledge to help others is to become a nurse educator for online classes. Many nursing programs offer the accessibility of online courses, enabling people to more easily move forward in their training. Keep in mind that some colleges and universities require you to have a master's degree in order to teach their classes.


Immunization Nurse

If you don't mind driving, working as an immunization nurse can easily lead to enough side cash to fulfill the goal you have in mind. To find a position, contact your local health department, physician, or hospital. Each year, the need for immunization nurses increases as new vaccinations become available for a variety of diseases.

The responsibilities of an immunization nurse include:

  Proper storage of vaccinations

  Checking expiration dates

  Checking contraindications and precautionary advice

  Administering vaccinations

  Monitoring post-vaccination side effects

  Maintaining vaccination records

  Proper disposal of vaccination materials


Legal Nurse Consultant

If you are well-versed on nursing standards of practice and skilled in analyzing medical records, becoming a legal nurse consultant could be the side gig you need. Not only would you be responsible for analyzing medical records, but you would also communicate with the clients on details that are pertinent in malpractice cases. Ideally, you would need to be good at breaking down technical terms into language that most people would be able to understand.

Most often, legal nursing consultants work remotely, adding flexibility and convenience to your busy work day. You get to work with other professionals, including paralegals and lawyers, and assist them with lawsuits dealing with health-related insurance claims.




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