Would you believe that up to 25% of women in North America have a nickel allergy that prohibits them from wearing most earrings without pain?

Other metals, including gold, can spark skin rashes, bumps, redness, dry patches, itching or blisters. It’s understandable why so many women are unable to wear earrings.

Luckily, there are some measures you can take to prevent your earrings from causing discomfort. If you want to wear earrings again, these 5 tips for buying earrings for sensitive ears outlined below will help you discover stylish earrings that are entirely safe and comfortable.

1. Stay Clear of Jewelry containing Nickel

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of nickel in most jewelry on the market. Nickel is stronger than other precious metals like gold, and manufacturers add it to strengthen the jewelry.  

The downside is that it can produce a host of unsightly symptoms for those who are allergic to nickel. Often these symptoms appear within minutes of wearing the offending jewelry in a nickel sensitive person.

Dr. Audrey Kunin, a board-certified dermatologist and president of DERMAdoctor, Inc. indicates constant exposure to nickel increases the risk of developing the allergy, and it can start at any age.

If you continually break out in a rash when you wear earrings or other jewelry, it’s time to replace your collection with nickel-free earrings.

2. Buy Titanium Earrings

Much of the jewelry found on the market today include small amounts of either nickel in it. This can cause you to suffer breakouts. Fortunately, there are better options.

Some of the most stunning hypoallergenic earrings you can find are titanium. The safest titanium to use, from an allergy perspective, is medical grade titanium.  Hospitals use this sturdy metal to make implants because the body does not react to it or reject it.  The FDA approves medical grade titanium for use inside the human body.

Medical-grade natural titanium earring studs don't contain any nickel, copper, or brass. It's worry-free and totally safe for those who suffer from metal allergies or sensitive skin.

3. Stop Wearing Inferior Gold Earrings

All gold earrings contain some degree of nickel.  24K gold does not, but it is too soft for making jewelry.  Many trendy mall jewelry shops across the U.S. and Canada sell gold earrings that contain only minimal amounts of gold. Any gold earrings with fewer than 14 karats usually include nickel or brass. Earrings like these will cause you to break out in a rash.

If you love the look of gold but are unable to afford 14 to 22 karat gold, buy medical grade gold titanium earrings. They look like high-quality gold and won’t cause allergies.

4. When In Doubt, Use Metal-Testing Kits

Metal testing kits come equipped with a set of solutions that rub onto jewelry to determine the type of metals and purity of them. Just drop the solution on top of a cotton ball and swipe it against any part of the jewelry.

A chemical reaction changes the color of the solution, signaling the presence of specific metals which may cause allergies. A kit is beneficial if you're purchasing jewelry and you're uncertain of its alloys, or if you've acquired a vintage or antique piece.

5. The Beauty of Medical Grade Plastic Earrings

If you have sensitive skin or ears, consider medical grade plastic for your earrings. It is non-metallic and won’t cause allergies. Medical grade plastic is the perfect choice for kids earrings. 

The best source for quality medical grade plastic earrings is Blomdahl USA. Our designer earrings use only genuine Swarovski crystals. Unless you are very, very close, no one can tell the earrings are plastic.

Invest in Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Jewelry should be an investment in both your beauty and your health. Purchase only hypoallergenic jewelry that is also nickel-free. If you want to avoid contact dermatitis from nickel, buy titanium, medical grade plastic or the highest levels of purity in jewelry metal such as platinum, sterling silver, and gold.

With all the beautiful hypoallergenic jewelry options available from Blomdahl USA, you won’t sacrifice style for safety.