Are Your Earrings Nickel-Free?

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Are Your Earrings Nickel-Free?

Have you ever seen a child or woman pulling at her ear lobes because they are red, itchy and inflamed? The most common cause is contact dermatitis from nickel in the earrings. The sensitive tissue reacts whenever it contacts the metal. It’s that same allergic reaction as if you brushed poison ivy or got stung by a bee.

Nickel is harmless to most of us. However, if you have an allergy, you need to know if your earrings are nickel-free or not.

A Germany Study

Allergies to nickel are not new or uncommon. A German study revealed that all age groups suffer from nickel sensitivity:

  • 8.5% of children from birth to ten years
  • 12.35 % of adolescents between 13 and 17 years
  • 15.5% of adults

Even if you don’t have a problem if you plan to give earrings as a gift, play it safe and buy nickel-free jewelry.

What About Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Sometimes advertisers use "nickel free" and "hypoallergenic" synonymously, but it’s not true. Hypoallergenic is neither a medical nor legal definition. It means the product (the jewelry metal in this case) has only a slight chance of giving you an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic does not mean your earrings are nickel-free.

What Earrings Should I Buy to Avoid Nickel?

When it comes to buying jewelry and earrings, the purer the metal, the less chance of having nickel in the alloy. Here are the earring options you should buy and wear.

Medical-Grade Titanium

Medical-grade titanium earrings are as safe as it is beautiful. Pharmaceutical companies use it to make instruments and implants that the body does not react with or reject. It has a deep silver luster that makes pretty earrings.

Medical-Grade Plastic

Medical-grade plastic earrings are the perfect solution to nickel-allergies and new piercings. These earrings are light-weight, durable and comfortable enough to leave in all day. They won’t harbor bacteria or cause skin reactions.

Sterling Silver

925 or Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, typically copper but could include zinc, platinum, and germanium.

Yellow Gold

14k Yellow gold is an alloy with 58% gold, 25% pure silver and 17% pure copper. Avoid white gold as it can contain up to 10% nickel.


Manufacturers use this metal in superalloys for jet engines and heat resistant equipment. Niobium creates a rainbow of colors when anodized. It refracts light, changing colors as it moves, making it a perfect metal for jewelry.

Nickel-Free Is the Way to Be!

Remember, although you may not have a problem wearing any jewelry, chances are you know someone who does. If you swap earrings with your friends or give them as a gift, always choose one of these nickel-free options to play it safe.

BlomdahlUSA makes it easy because we sell only hypoallergenic earrings and nickel-free.