For teenagers, jewelry and accessories can play a significant role in their self-expression. During this critical stage, many young teenagers will do anything to fit in—or stand out from the crowd. With more schools requiring generic school uniforms and dress codes, a pretty pair of earrings can have a significant impact on individuality.

Whether they had their ears pierced since they were a kid or have multiple piercings, their earrings are essential to creating a unique style. Unfortunately, some people have sensitive ears. Finding the best earrings for teens with sensitive ears requires some searching.

Why Choose Hypoallergenic Earrings for Teens?

When looking at different types of earrings, you should be aware that many brands use materials like nickel, epoxy, and cadmium to make their products. These materials can cause an annoying and painful allergic reaction known as Contact Dermatitis. Contact Dermatitis is a rash or irritated patch of skin caused by contact with an allergen such as the nickel in earrings.

This allergy can develop at any time, even if you’ve been wearing regular earrings for years. Many teens think earrings for sensitive ears will be unflattering and look different than other earrings. Fortunately, that’s not the truth.

The Best Earrings for Teens’ Sensitive Ears

When you’re shopping for hypoallergenic earrings for teens, we have tons of choices available. The two materials that we use are medical-grade plastic and medical-grade titanium. Our medical-grade plastic earrings are available in a variety of sizes, which means that even if you’ve got two or more piercings per ear, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

We carry fun shapes like stars, hearts, and horseshoes, or you can opt for a sophisticated stud or pendant. Most of our medical plastic earrings have brilliant Swarovski crystals in a rainbow of birthstone colors as well as cubic zirconia and pearls.

Titanium Earrings for Sensitive Ears

If you are buying the best earrings for teens with sensitive ears, they will love our selections made from medical-grade titanium. They are both durable and lightweight. Our pierced ear studs come in gold, silver, or black.

All our earrings are hypoallergenic and skin friendly. You can rest easy knowing that any of our hypoallergenic earrings are safe for teens with sensitive ears.

How to Make Favorite Earrings Allergy Safe

Do you know a teen who has a favorite pair of earrings that they love, but irritates their ears? Our Safety Stud or Ear Hooks would make a great gift. They can remove the danglers from any pair of earrings then add them to our hypoallergenic post and hook. Try this trick so they don’t have to say goodbye to their fav earrings. We offer this style in gold or natural titanium.

At Blomdahl USA, we take both your style and health seriously. That’s why we’ve partnered with skin specialists and top jewelry designers to bring you sophisticated, stylish hypoallergenic earrings and jewelry that’s nickel-free. When you buy a pair of our earrings, we ship them for free in a hygienic package. You can rest assured knowing that your hands will be the first ones to touch those beautiful new earrings.