Best Selling Earrings For Children

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Best Selling Earrings For Children

Blomdahl USA has a remarkable collection of skin-friendly earrings for kids. We offer all kinds of colors, shapes, and child-friendly designs using only the safest of materials: medical plastic and medical-grade titanium. With a large selection of posts and dangle styles, our kid’s collection is 100% safe for sensitive skin and will help prevent children from developing nickel allergies in the future.

Before discovering skin-friendly jewelry, many of our customers had to stop wearing earrings because of nickel sensitivities. We understand that no one wants their child to go through the disappointment of getting their ears pierced, only to discover that they are allergic to the materials used in the jewelry. Nickel can cause contact dermatitis. That is an allergic reaction to the metal when it touches the skin. If your child has this, her ears can become itchy, red, and inflamed.

By choosing from our selection of best-selling fun, stylish shapes of earrings for children, you will have no doubts or fears about your child's skin health.

Plastic Makes Safe Earrings for Kids

Blomdahl USA's medical-grade plastic collection has been developed specifically for children. Hospitals use medical-grade plastic every day, and it’s the safest material for kid’s earrings. The result is super stylish hypoallergenic jewelry that children love. We use top jewelry designers so your boy or girl will look cute. All our plastic earrings are entirely skin-friendly.

BlomdahlUSA has been offering kid’s earrings to jewelry allergy sufferers for over 30 years. Our creative designs are nickel-free. If your child struggles with nickel sensitivity, then our plastic earring collection is the answer.

Titanium Earrings for a Grown-Up Look

Kids love to play dress up and look like a grown-up. The Blomdahl USA line of best-selling earrings for children includes medical-grade natural titanium earrings. We developed these earrings in consultation with expert skin specialists. You can rest assured that we produce safe, nickel-free titanium earrings for kids. Your kids won’t care that they are hypoallergenic. They just know that they look grown-up wearing them. It’s no wonder that our titanium earrings are the best-selling earrings for children.

Not Just for Kids

Adults or kids can wear our skin-friendly earrings. That includes those with existing allergies or if you just had your ears pierced and you need safe earrings that look pretty. Blomdahl USA designers go to great lengths to create fun shapes and bright colors for our collection of children's earrings. Your child can choose shapes like stars, butterflies, daisies, and hearts. The designers have created brilliant fun shapes and bold colors to please young wearers and adults. The Swarovski Crystals make these earrings beautiful and unique.

Our bright and cheery earrings are safe for your child. Please choose from our top-selling kid’s collection of stud earrings or dangle styles and make your child smile today.