In the USA it is an unfortunate fact that there is no legal attachment to the marketing terms hypoallergenic and nickel -free. Companies can sell you jewelry made of ANY MATERIAL and make claims of hypoallergenic or nickel-free.

In fact, many companies use the term nickel free to market their jewelry because nickel is by far the most likely culprit causing allergy symptoms associated with earrings.

Companies sourcing their product from multiple companies have little or no control over quality and materials used. China is the source for most imported jewelry marketed as hypoallergenic or nickel-free. Consumers have every reason to question the authenticity of hypoallergenic claims made by many jewelry brands.

How can a consumer possibly know? 

By choosing to buy from elite brands with their own manufacturing capability.

Jewelry brands like Pandora and watch brands like Rolex manufacture everything they sell. They have 100% quality control over what they offer. Although these brands do not focus on hypoallergenic or skin-friendly materials, their commitment to quality and design is unquestionable.

When it comes to allergy safe earrings and jewelry only one company can guarantee the purity of their products – Blomdahl.

The Blomdahl Difference

Blomdahl has been committed to developing hypoallergenic and nickel-free jewelry for those with sensitive skin or a nickel allergy for over 30 years. Our customers are always thrilled because they can ACTUALLY wear jewelry again!

All Blomdahl jewelry is developed in consultation with skin specialists and manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Halmstad, Sweden.

To ensure our quality from a medical perspective, Blomdahl chooses to manufacture internationally recognized standards for medical devices. This is a huge deal. To the best of our knowledge, Blomdahl jewelry is the best choice for those with sensitive skin or nickel allergy because we are the only company manufacturing jewelry items to medical device standards and using medical grade – implant level – materials. All the materials used in our earrings are FDA-approved for use inside the human body.

To manufacture this way requires constant third-party monitoring of all manufacturing processes. The Blomdahl facility is ISO-certified by Intertek. This is a legitimate third-party regulator, doing an in-depth analysis and monitoring of all materials and processes, not a flimsy self-certification by importers using multiple factories in countries with no concern for your allergy concerns.

Many of our items are made in a negative pressure clean room. All of the medical-grade titanium we use is inspected and x-rayed before being allowed on the factory floor. These are the reasons why Blomdahl jewelry is the best choice for those with sensitive skin or nickel allergy.

This commitment to quality, and the ability to prove it – establishes Blomdahl as the most trustworthy brand in the allergy aware segment of the jewelry business.

We are constantly excited by the feedback we receive from jewelry lovers across the country.  Here is just some of the feedback from our happy customers that can finally wear jewelry again! 


"These are life changing, I haven't worn earrings in more than 20 years because my ears would get irritated and sore.  I'll definitely be back for more!" - ROBIN Verified Buyer     


"My daughter has very sensitive ears.  Within 2 days of wearing the Blomdahl flower studs, her ears completely cleared up!  I love that they are easy to change and that the backs also seem very secure!" - MEG Verified Buyer   


"They don't irritate my ears at all, which was a must for me.  I highly recommend trying these out if you are struggling to find earrings that don't upset your ears." - KATE Verified Buyer   


"This medical plastic is such a game changer for my girls who have the most sensitive ears! No more crusty grossness to clean off everyday! These are seriously so great!" - MELISSA K. Verified Buyer