Has this happened to you? You have two or more favorite pairs of earrings, but only one pair causes a problem. It seems like every time you wear them; your earlobes start to get red and itchy.

You think it’s your imagination, but after a while, you’ve just got to take the earrings out because the itching drives you crazy. Guess what?

You’ve probably got an allergic reaction to nickel, and it’s because of your earrings.

Why Does Nickel Make Your Ears Itchy?

Nickel is a common metal for making jewelry. It is a hard, silver-colored metal that holds its shape well. Jewelers love it because it is inexpensive.

Unfortunately, your skin might not love it. Nickel can cause an allergic reaction called contact dermatitis. It’s an itchy rash that can happen anywhere on the body where nickel touches the skin, especially your ears.

We find nickel in items we use every day like earrings, eyeglasses, zippers, and coins.

For most people, it’s not a problem. However, about 17% of the population has an allergy to nickel. Sometimes it is an immediate reaction. Others may develop an allergy after years of exposure or due to changes in the body from aging. No one knows why you get it, but once you do, your body will always react to nickel. It’s the same immune system response as if the body was fighting an infection or other harmful substances.

What Are Nickel Allergy Earrings?

Some people call earrings that don’t cause allergies, “Nickel Allergy Earrings.” The most common terms are hypoallergenic earrings or skin-safe earrings. They don’t cause allergies because they don’t contain nickel or other irritating substances.

Do All Earrings Contain Nickel?

No. However, most earrings do contain some nickel. For example, jewelers alloy it with gold to make white gold.

Fortunately, you still have many choices for nickel-free earrings.

Best Earrings to Avoid a Nickel Allergy

Buy nickel allergy earrings and wear hypoallergenic jewelry to avoid itchy ears and contact dermatitis from nickel. For example, although surgical-grade stainless steel has some nickel, dermatologists consider it hypoallergenic for most people because the nickel content is so low.

The best kinds of nickel-free earrings are medical-grade plastic earrings and medical titanium. Both are nickel-free, fashionable, and comfortable for extended wear. Make sure you order hypoallergenic earring backs of the same quality.

Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Blomdahl USA imports Swedish made nickel-free jewelry for people who want to look beautiful and not worry about a jewelry sensitivity. Since 1985, Blomdahl has made high-quality earrings and jewelry from medical-grade plastic and medical titanium to ensure anyone can safely wear them.

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