Afraid of getting your child’s ear pierced? You are not alone! Many parents are not aware of the safety tips they should know before deciding to pierce their children’s ears. Even if your children don’t have an allergy to Nickel, we can help them avoid it in the future.

Here are some ear piercing safety tips for parents that you should be mindful of before piercing your child’s ears.

The Right Age to Pierce Your Child’s Ears

There is no “right” age, as every parent is different, and everyone comes from diverse backgrounds. Some parents prefer to get their children’s ears pierced right after they are born. While others believe it should be their child’s decision.

A recommended age for when you can safely pierce a baby’s ears is four months old. The healing process is quicker since they aren’t able to grab their ears and pull the earrings out.

If you wait until your baby is around a year old, then they will be able to touch and pull the earrings, which can cause problems.

Choosing the Right Metal

The biggest decision you’ll make regarding your children’s earrings is the material because most kids have sensitive ears. There are two options you should consider: Medical Plastic or Medical Grade Titanium.

Medical-Grade Plastic Earrings contain no nickel, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting an allergic reaction. Medical Plastic earrings are best for those who have Nickel sensitivity or want to avoid developing a nickel allergy in the future. We recommend this ear piercing safety tip for babies as well because it is safe for those with a low immune system and sensitive ears.

Medical Grade Titanium is the safest of all metals out there. It is a great hypoallergenic option because it’s naturally nickel-free. You want to be sure to avoid costume or white gold jewelry because they contain nickel which may irritate the skin. All of Blomdahl USA’s earrings are made by skin care specialists to ensure they are suitable for everyone, even those who have allergies.

Choosing the Right Place to Pierce Your Children’s Ears

It is important to take your child to a certified nurse or pediatrician when considering piercing to ensure hygiene and safety precautions. Many medical professionals are using Blomdahl USA’s Medical Ear-Piercing System, which is only available to certified medical professionals. Our Ear-Piercing System uses disposable cassettes with sterile earrings, which eliminate the chance of causing infections. We can help you look for a medical professional in your area that offers our safe system!

Pierced Ears After-Care

Do not remove the earrings until six weeks after the piercings or the period recommended by your medical professional. Never touch the ears with unclean hands. We recommend cleaning the pierced ears twice a day using gentle Blomdahl USA aftercare cleaning swabs. Contact your medical professional immediately if any redness or swelling occurs.

Blomdahl’s certified medical experts guarantee to make the process as easy possible,and they typically offer a pain-relieving topical ointment. From our hygienic packaging to our suppliers and production team, we are in control of the entire process. Our earrings are safe for all children, including babies!