Medical Plastic Earrings For Kids

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Medical Plastic Earrings For Kids

Kids can be tough on earrings. They get pulled or broken from hair, clothing, or just rolling around and having fun. Cheap metal earrings can bend or break, and they can also cause a condition known as contact dermatitis if your boy or girls is allergic to nickel.

An affordable earring material for sensitive ears is medical-grade plastic. It’s an excellent alternative to metal jewelry for children and those with nickel sensitivity. Safe and stylish earrings can be hard to find in regular high-street stores, but here at Blomdahl USA, we have plenty of colors and shapes from which to choose.

Why Medical Plastic Earrings?

Medical plastic has been around for years. Hospitals and doctors use a wide variety of things made with it from sutures to implants. There are a few reasons why medical-grade plastic earrings are the best choice for sensitive ears and safe earrings for kids.

First, there is no nickel or other metal because they are plastic. It is why pediatricians recommend medical-plastic earrings for babies and kids. Nickel is a sturdy metal used to make jewelry. Usually, it’s not a problem unless your child is one of the 17% of kids who suffer from an allergy to nickel.

Second, medical-grade plastic doesn’t harbor bacteria, reducing the chances of infection. It’s easy to sterilize and keep clean.

The Best Earrings for Kids

Whether you’re looking for simple studs, beautiful dangle earrings or colorful plastic designs, we offer a range of colors and sizes of medical-plastic earrings for kids (and adults).

Post or stud earrings are the best choice for young children, as they won’t get caught on stray hairs or other objects. Our plastic earring collection includes favorite designs like daisies, hearts, butterflies, and stars. The earrings feature genuine Swarovski Crystals, and they come in a rainbow of colors. You can choose sizes from 4mm up to 10mm.

If you’re buying a birthday present for children, why not treat them to a medical plastic gift set? The gift set is available in assorted styles, with three different pairs and backs included in a decorative keepsake box. They are unbelievably cute and will make your girl look pretty or your young lad handsome.

Another reason to buy medical plastic earrings from Blomdahl USA is that the post extends farther from the ear, allowing for better air circulation and easier cleaning for new piercings.

All our plastic earrings are medical grade, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that your child's sensitive ears are protected.