Many parents of young children make the decision early to get their newborn baby’s ears pierced. For some, it’s a cultural decision that links their baby to a legacy of family tradition. For others, they just like the look, and figure it’s easier to do when their child is an infant. The American Academy of Pediatrics says there’s no ideal age to pierce a child’s ears. Ear piercing is safe if it’s done correctly with sterilized equipment.

Around the world, many hospitals are equipped with sterilized piercing needles and use hypoallergenic surgical steel tools to quickly and easily pierce ears before the baby goes home from the hospital. Unfortunately, the most significant complications come from poor aftercare or earrings that trigger an irritating allergic reaction. That’s why there is a big demand for a medical professional and medical-grade earrings for babies.

Why Choose Medical-Grade Earrings?

Nickel causes the most contact dermatitis reactions than any other metal in the world. Contact with cheaply made jewelry and body piercings is the reason why more women than men experience this allergic reaction. Choosing hypoallergenic and medical-grade earrings for babies is the right thing to do because it prevents this painful reaction from happening.

Babies who are allergic to nickel can react within hours after their initial exposure. The contact dermatitis rash caused by a nickel allergy can be itchy and extremely uncomfortable. For new parents, any additional source of stress will only add to their sleepless nights, so choosing hypoallergenic earrings for babies is the best option.

What Are the Ideal Medical-Grade Earrings for Babies?

Two materials frequently used to create hypoallergenic jewelry are medical-grade plastic and medical-grade titanium. These materials are lightweight and durable.

Medical-grade plastic earrings for babies are an excellent choice, as they’re affordable, lightweight, and ideal for sensitive skin. Blomdahl USA’s medical-grade plastic earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Any of our medical plastic post earrings would make a safe and beautiful gift for a newborn.

Will Babies Outgrow These Medical-Grade Earrings?

Yes, babies will outgrow, but our design will grow with them. As your daughter grows up, medical-grade titanium earrings are a great choice because there come in a variety of colors and designs that suits mom’s taste.

As children grow into teenagers, they may want to experiment with delicate dangling earrings or elegant pearl studs. Regardless of what your taste may be, sticking with hypoallergenic jewelry ensures that they’ll never have an allergic reaction to nickel.

At Blomdahl USA, our priority is the safety of your child’s newly pierced ears. Everything we make ships in a secure, sanitary package which ensures that your fingers are always the first to touch your new earrings. We also carry adjustable medical plastic earring backs, which fit securely to any pair of our medical-grade plastic post earrings. Cleansing them with gentle soap and water ensures that they remain sanitary and secure for as long as you need them.