Ladies, have you ever been embarrassed by red ears? Some of us have ears so sensitive that when we get emotional, our ears turn red making us feel self-conscious. If it infrequently happens like blushing, that’s OK, and sometimes, it’s kind of cute.

What’s not OK is red, itchy inflamed ears that become swollen, painful and ugly to see. Nickel allergies are perhaps the most common cause of hot, itchy, red ears in women, but there are other origins.

Here are some of them and what you can do to prevent these symptoms in your ears.

Causes of Hot Red Ears

Here is a short list of the things that can cause red ears.

  • Allergy to Nickel – This is a common occurrence and can cause painful, rashes and blisters where the earrings touch your skin. Any nickel that contacts your skin can cause an allergic reaction such as pants buttons, bracelets, and eyeglasses.
  • Emotion – Sometimes embarrassment or anger can cause a rush of blood to the head, causing your ears to turn red temporarily.
  • Sunburn or Windburn – The weather can cause painful burning and redness.
  • Ear Infection – Any ear pain accompanied by redness may be an indication of an infection.
  • Hormonal Changes - Chemical changes such as Chemotherapy, menopause or stress can upset your body’s balance triggering red ears.

There is one cause of red ears that you can easily avoid. It’s an allergy to nickel earrings.

Ugly Ears Caused by a Nickel Allergy

A nickel-allergy can be severe. Women and children who suffer from it experience red, itchy earlobes and rashes around the neck and wrists if wearing jewelry with nickel. Cheap earrings can cause painful and embarrassing red earlobes immediately, or up to 48 hours of wearing it.

Nickel is a very common metal used in everything from jewelry to zippers. Manufacturers use it to strengthen other metals or as a base then plate it with silver or gold. Once the plating wears off, the nickel contacts the skin creating an allergic reaction. If you develop an allergy to nickel, there is no cure, only prevention.

Nickel-Free Earrings Make Beautiful Ears

To prevent an allergic reaction to nickel, buy only nickel-free earrings. Two of the best hypoallergenic earring materials are medical-grade plastic and medical-grade titanium. Both are skin-safe and used in hospitals every day for a variety of implants and other devices. Your body does not reject or react to medical-grade jewelry.

If you experience red, itchy earrings soon after putting them in, switch to nickel-free earrings, and you’ll feel the difference right away. Nickel-free earrings are the answer to red, itchy ears, and these enhance your natural beauty, and it’s so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

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