How Do I Pierce My Baby’s Ears?

Posted by Blomdahl USA

How Do I Pierce My Baby’s Ears?

Piercing a baby’s ears is customary in some countries. It is a common practice amongst parents to pierce their babies’ ears. Some people believe that piercing the ears is best when the baby is very young, while others think it is better to wait until they are older.

Regardless of the age, a common question that parents ask is, “how do I pierce my baby's ears?”

It is best to put your child in the safe hands of a licensed physician or nurse who is experienced performing piercings on babies and kids.

Use a Professional to Pierce Your Baby’s Ears

Physicians and nurses will ensure that you and your baby feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Blomdahl USA created an ear-piercing medical system specifically for medical professionals to use in their offices. It uses the latest aseptic technique.

They will answer any questions regarding the process of how to pierce your baby's ears and the aftercare instructions. All our products and methods have been designed to avoid infections. It is a sterile method that guarantees a hygienic and safe piercing.

About Our Medical Ear-Piercing System

We have over 1,000 pediatricians and medical professionals certified to pierce ears using Blomdahl USA’s Piercing System. Our medical grade equipment is available only to licensed physicians or nurses. It’s the safest and the most hygienic piercing experience for your baby.

Blomdahl medical professionals use a topical anesthetic before piercing your baby’s ears to ensure that the process will be almost painless for your baby. They mark the ears, so the holes are perfectly aligned and even.

The Best Earrings for Babies After Piercing

For the safest piercing possible, you must use a professional using sterilized and single use disposable equipment, or your baby may end up getting infections. Another thing to look out for are earrings with nickel because your baby may develop an allergy to it.

There are two types of earrings we recommend. They prevent your baby from having an allergic reaction. They are medical plastic and medical grade titanium. Medical-grade plastic earrings do not contain any nickel, eliminating the chances of your baby developing a nickel allergy.

Medical Grade Titanium is the safest jewelry metal out there. It’s a wonderful skin-friendly, hypoallergenic option. It is FDA approved for use in surgical implants, so it’s safe for your baby too.

Pretty Earrings for Babies

Blomdahl USA has a variety of fashionable jewelry developed by top designers. Many of our hypoallergenic earrings feature Swarovski Crystals so your baby will look even more beautiful. You’ll be able to choose from our collection of Medical Grade Titanium Earrings or Medical Plastic earrings.

Our Clean Pack packaging guarantees your jewelry is hygienically stored until you open it. You are the first person to come in contact with the jewelry. Our earrings are the best earrings for babies and those with sensitive ears.