Letting your kids get an ear piercing is an exciting moment, especially for parents. You can't wait to see how good the bling will look on those cute little ears. If you have a girl who is a little older, can you imagine her expression when she sees herself in front of the mirror wearing earrings for the first time?

When the time comes for your child’s first ear piercing and pair of earrings, let Blomdahl USA be a part of this thrilling moment.

Find A Safer Ear-Piercing Option

When your child first expresses interest in getting her ears pierced, you may not know where to get it done safely. There are healthier, safer ways of getting ear piercings for your kids than going to a kiosk at a mall, where people have questionable training, cleanliness, and equipment.

Our modern aseptic technique is both hygienic and safe. There are licensed medical professionals all over the United States that practice it today. Having a parent or grandparent there to keep the child calm is a great idea.

Caring for Newly Pierced Ears

After the piercing, your child will go home wearing her very first pair of earrings. Contact allergies can develop, so choose only hypoallergenic earrings for kids. A contact allergy is an allergic reaction (often called contact dermatitis) that occurs on the skin when an allergen touches it. Some common allergens found in earrings for kids are nickel, cobalt or epoxy.

You’ll know your child is starting to react if an itchy, red rash starts forming. A nickel allergy can happen at any time. To make sure that the piercing heals completely, we offer unique earrings for optimal healing. They’re specifically designed with longer, wider posts, to encourage air circulation, which promotes even healing. Our earring backs completely encapsulate the tip of the post, which leaves enough room for air to pass behind the earlobe and also ensures that they won’t fall off.

The Best Hypoallergenic Earrings for Kids

To help avoid this itchy and annoying allergic reaction, many parents choose hypoallergenic earrings for their kids. Two common materials often are medical grade-plastic and medical-grade titanium. They don’t look any different than earrings made from gold or silver. They look just like traditional earrings but made with skin-safe materials. Both our medical-grade plastic and titanium earrings are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many of our medical plastic earrings have settings with beautiful Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, or pearls.

Pediatricians recommend that young children wear post earrings. They are less likely to get tangled on stray hairs or clothing. As your child grows, our dangling earrings can add a sophisticated elegance to a young lady’s outfit. We also offer different shades of stones on titanium earring posts, which are a fantastic addition to a formal outfit for any special occasion.

Choosing hypoallergenic earrings for your kids or grandchildren means that they’ll always be able to match their earrings to their outfit, even if they’re allergic to nickel or other metals.

At Blomdahl USA, we’ve made sure that our earrings are stylish and safe, so you’ll be able to confidently purchase earrings for any child because they are nickel-free and gorgeous.