A common question asked of pediatricians is, “What is the best metal for hypoallergenic jewelry?” The best material is no metal at all. Medical grade plastic is the best material for first-time piercings in both toddlers and adults. Medical plastic earrings for kids are also the right choice that is safe for kids with earring allergies.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that up to 20 percent of the population has an allergic reaction to nickel, one of the most common metals found in jewelry. An allergic reaction to jewelry is contact dermatitis. It is a red, itchy rash that can even form blisters.

Even if you don’t think you or your babies have sensitive ears, why take that chance?

Why Consider Wearing Medical Plastic Earrings?

Chances are, you could have an allergic reaction to nickel, gold or chrome. There are over 700 million people who suffer skin allergies to these common jewelry metals. Parent Magazine listed nickel as the number one irritant for babies and children.

Medical-grade plastic earrings are a fantastic solution for kids and the right choice for jewelry for sensitive ears. Why? Medical grade plastic is tough. It can stand up to rough and tumble play. It is durable so that the stones will not pop out as with cheap plastics.

Although you’ll need to clean any new piercing to prevent infection, medical grade plastic earrings for kids won’t harbor germs like cheap plastics can.

Jewelry for sensitive ears goes beyond toddlers and kids. Adults can benefit from plastic earrings too. They offer subtle accents and colors that look elegant.

Safe and Stylish Plastic Earrings Are Hard To Find

Finding plastic earrings is easy. However, they are typically a hard, brittle type of plastic. They have the potential to crack and create a sharp edge accidentally. Medical grade-plastic earrings for kids are hard and virtually indestructible as a stud earring.

The best place to get these earrings is to order from Blomdahl USA. We have the largest selection of medical grade plastic earrings for kids or adults in North America. Often, bargain jewelry uses inexpensive glass that looks fake even from a distance. Our earrings feature the best Swarovski Crystals to add sparkle and brilliance that imitation stones can’t match.

A reputable brand, Blomdahl USA offers these high-quality earrings:

  • Medical Plastic Dangle earrings feature two stones, a Swarovski crystal in a 4mm setting and a Swarovski heart in a 6mm setting. Three color choices.
  • Brilliance Horseshoe earrings. These 7mm earrings come with a choice of Swarovski crystals in Crystal, Aquamarine, Light Rose, and Violet.
  • Dangle Flower earrings have a Swarovski crystal flower in a 6mm setting hanging from a Swarovski crystal stud in a 4 mm setting.
  • Butterfly Dangle earrings with a Butterfly Swarovski crystal in a 5mm setting hanging from a Swarovski crystal in a 4mm setting.
  • Dangle Star earrings feature two stones, a Swarovski crystal in a 4mm setting and a Swarovski crystal star with a 6mm setting. Crystal or black.
  • Medical Plastic Pendant earrings offered in Heart, Butterfly, Star or Flower shaped Swarovski crystals in a rainbow of colors.

Best Choices For Young Children

For young children, consider post earrings. They are the best choice because they won’t catch on stray hairs and will stay in place better than dangle-type earrings. Our collection includes kid-favorite designs such as daisies, hearts, butterflies, and stars.

Blomdahl develops all our jewelry in cooperation with leading skin specialists and pediatricians.

Always Opt For 100% Nickel-Free Medical Grade Materials

Earring allergies are real. What good is jewelry if your ears, or your child’s earlobes, become red, itchy, swollen and blistered? It defeats the purpose of wearing fashionable earrings in the first place.

Earrings should accentuate your natural beauty and enhance your child’s self-esteem. Look to Blomdahl USA for a wide selection of colors and sizes. You’ll never worry about having an allergic reaction to nickel or any jewelry sensitivity.

We’ve developed a collection of bright and colorful styles for any age. Whether you have an existing skin allergy or want to avoid one, Blomdahl is the first choice in beautiful earrings safe for kids with earring allergies.