“My daughter is in love with these earrings, and she gets so many compliments!”

Admit it, isn’t that what you want people to say when you buy cute earrings for your girl? Of course, cuteness is subjective, but shapes and colored stones are always a favorite of girls and moms everywhere.

Before spending your hard-earned cash, make sure the earrings are also safe.

What Makes a Safe Earring?

When we talk about safe earrings, we mean skin safe. Most jewelry for kids contains nickel, and some may even contain cadmium or lead. These metals are known to cause a condition called contact dermatitis in some people.

Before you buy earrings for girls, look for the safest materials. Here at Blomdahl USA, we make and sell only medical-grade plastic earrings and titanium earrings. They are the safest that your girl can wear.

But your girl isn’t interested in safe. She wants to look cute! So, here are ten ways to make her wish come true.

Top 10 Cute Earrings for Girls

Crafted by European fashion designers, girls of all ages will look pretty in these cute and safe earrings. Most of our collection comes with genuine Swarovski Crystals with a choice of rainbow colors to match your girl’s favorite color or outfit.

  1. Medical Plastic Round Earrings – Choose from clear or 6 other colors of Swarovski Crystals.
  2. Medical Plastic Daisy Earrings – 6 petals, each with a sparkling crystal surrounding another crystal in the center.
  3. Medical Plastic Heart Earrings – A cute heart-shaped Swarovski crystal. Available in clear or three other colors.
  4. Medical Plastic Star Earrings – Star-shaped crystal available in four colors.
  5. Medical Plastic Princess Earrings – Shaped like a crown for your little princess, each earring contains 15 sparkling Swarovski crystals that come in a choice of five colors.
  6. Golden Titanium Heart Earrings – Heart-shaped, golden earrings made from medical-grade titanium.
  7. Silver Titanium Star Earrings – Made from the safest metal, titanium, in star-shaped earrings.
  8. Black Titanium Bezel Crystal Earrings – These earrings have a brilliant Swarovski crystal set in a round black titanium bezel.
  9. Golden Titanium Ball Earrings – The 5mm ball has a gold coating, and the post that touches the ear is skin-safe, solid titanium.
  10. Silver Titanium Brilliance Plenary Earrings – A round silver titanium earring set with six crystals around a center crystal. Eight color options to create the cutest earrings.

Buy Earrings for Girls Right Here!

When it comes to buying cute and safe earrings for little girls that are hypoallergenic and completely safe, look no further than Blomdahl USA. Even our manufacturing and packaging of these cute and safe earrings for little girls are sanitary. For added safety, your new earrings come packaged in a transparent plastic bubble. You and your princess are the first to touch your earrings.

Browse our earring selection to find the best earrings for your girl. You’re guaranteed to find a style and color that you both will love.