Safely Pierce Your Baby’s Ears

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Safely Pierce Your Baby’s Ears

Getting your ears pierced is considered a rite of passage. In some cultures, the child chooses, and in others, it’s performed only moments after birth. For instance, Latin cultures consider it to be a traditional symbol of femininity that a young girl should have early on. Also, it can be customary to give a pair of earrings to the new mother before giving birth.

The good news is, no matter when you choose to have your child’s ears pierced, it’s a safe practice if you keep a few things in mind.

Always Choose Hypoallergenic Earrings for Piercing Babies Ears

Did you know that roughly 18% of people in North America are allergic to nickel? Nickel is the most common alloy added to make jewelry durable and less expensive. It’s quite common, but it’s also one of the leading causes of contact dermatitis (C.D.). C.D. symptoms include redness, swelling, and overall discomfort. Who would want that kind of irritant near their baby?

For this reason, we recommend choosing hypoallergenic earrings for babies. Hypoallergenic earrings are typically medical-grade plastic or nickel-free metals like titanium and sterling silver. Hypoallergenic earrings are safe, allergy-free, and come in stunning designs.

Getting Your Baby’s Ears Pierced

A newborn baby is a delicate treasure. His or her developing immune system cannot handle too many new allergens at once. It’s crucial to take every precaution when piercing your baby’s ears from using hypoallergenic earrings to vetting the person performing the piercing.

Ask your family or other parents if they have any recommendations for a medical professional to do the piercing. Your doctor may agree to pierce your baby's ears, but it’s always good to speak to them well in advance.

If you opt for a non-medical person or facility, see that they sterilize the needles in front of you. The best option is to use Blomdahl’s medical ear piercing system. It uses disposable cartridges that are safe and sanitary.

After piercing, make sure to clean your baby’s ears twice daily for six to eight weeks, and your baby’s ears will be pretty and healthy.

Medical Plastic Earrings Make for An Adorable Choice

If you’re looking to pick out a gift for your baby or someone else’s, consider a pair of medical plastic earrings. At Blomdahl USA, you can find an incredible selection of adorable pieces, all certified hypoallergenic. They are fun, pretty, and a special gift for the new little one in your life.

Pick Up A Pair of Titanium Earrings for A Great Heirloom Piece

Another hypoallergenic earring choice to consider is a pair of titanium earrings for babies. They are durable, beautiful, and they will last a lifetime. Being able to gift an heirloom piece to a newborn is important to many grandparents, and now you can safely pierce your baby's ears. It’s a gift both for the baby and the new parents!

When Is the Best Time to Safely Pierce Your Baby's Ears?

Not everyone is comfortable with piercing a baby’s ears. As long as the parents take good care of these new piercings, it’s okay to pierce a newborn’s ears on their very first day.

However, some physicians recommend waiting a little longer, around six months, due to the baby’s developing immune system. Ear piercing for babies is a personal choice, but no matter your preference, following these steps will ensure your baby is safe. Moreover, it will also give her the first opportunity to build up a beautiful jewelry collection of her own, a rite of passage in itself.