Sensitive Ears? Blomdahl Can Help!

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Sensitive Ears? Blomdahl Can Help!

Do your earrings regularly bother you? Do you find you can only wear earrings for a few hours? Have some of your earrings begun to bother you?

Welcome to the club. You have a nickel sensitivity and you are not alone. Research shows that nearly 1 in 4 people have some degree of nickel allergy. ( as opposed to 3-4% percent of people who have never had an ear piercing) The symptoms vary in severity and get worse over time.

How can Blomdahl help? By making available beautiful nickel free earrings that directly address your nickel sensitivity. As you know, removing your earrings is the only way to get relief when they are bothering you. That is because when you remove your earrings, you are removing the material that is causing the reaction. Common sense. Now you have another option. Remove your earrings and replace them with Blomdahl earrings.

The result will be the same - your symptoms will disappear, and for exactly the same reason - you have still removed the material that is causing the problem - nickel. Blomdahl manufactures truly hypoallergenic jewelry. Our titanium earrings are actually medical grade black titanium earrings, made with the purest of medical grade titanium. Our titanium earrings are the safest of metal earrings you can find. There is no better metal option than medical grade titanium. The FDA approves this material for use inside the human body.

Our plastic earrings are truly nickel free earrings. Since they are not made of metal at all, they are truly 100% nickel free earrings. Our medical plastic is also free of any harmful materials associated with plastic, such as latex or BPA. The FDA has also approved our medical plastic for use inside the human body.

All our earrings, whether medical plastic or medical grade titanium, offer a solution for people who struggle to wear earrings comfortably. Wearing them regularly will not only provide comfort and relief, but also serves to slow the progression of your nickel sensitivity. Once sensitized, your symptoms will get worse with continued exposure to nickel. Wearing earrings happens to be the most invasive exposure possible. The nature of the metal posts in an earring hole offer a greater degree of exposure than a belt buckle or watch band. By removing nickel from your earrings by wearing Blomdahl earrings, you halt an exposure to nickel from the most vulnerable part of your body.

Once you become sensitized to nickel - and not being able to wear earrings comfortably is a sure fire sign you are - removing the irritant - nickel - is the only way to get relief and slow the progression of the condition. Wearing Blomdahl earrings can help with your sensitive ears by allowing you to remove the irritant causing the problem, while still wearing earrings!

One of our styles not only addresses the nickel allergy issue, but can also help ears that are irritated for reasons other than nickel sensitivity. A mildly infected earring hole can benefit from as much fresh air as possible. Our pendant style earrings allow air to freely circulate around the hole without the need for an earring back. This allows an infection to more quickly clear up. Earring backs, put on too tight, can aggravate an infection and even cause one. Our pendant style earrings allow maximum air flow while still offering the benefits of nickel free medical plastic and medical grade titanium. In a sense, they are more than just hypoallergenic earrings, they actually facilitate healing.

With Blomdahl, wearing earrings can actually be part of the healing process.