Welcome to Our Blog Page!

Posted by Blomdahl USA

Welcome to Our Blog Page!

Hi! Welcome to our new blog series. Our company is solely focused on medical ear piercing and skin friendly jewelry. Skin friendly jewelry is jewelry designed to keep people safe from skin allergies, IE- contact dermatitis, the most common of which is nickel allergy. With that in mind, our blogs will focus on medical ear piercing and related issues, as well as nickel free jewelry. We will approach the earring/jewelry topic from both a medical and fashion perspective.

Let's start with medical ear piercing. What exactly is that? I would define medical ear piercing as being done by a medical professional in a safe, dignified setting, using medical technology to address the health issues associated with ear piercing. Those issues/risks are the transmission of blood borne viruses and nickel allergy.

Having an ear piercing done by a trained and licensed medical professional brings a unique level of assurance and confidence to an experience that some people find unsettling. Knowing that your ear piercing provider is first focused on medical safety is important to many people, particularly those who are having a child's ear pierced. There is a level of trust when dealing with doctors and nurses that is hard to find elsewhere. Next is where the piercing is done....

The ear piercing environment is important to many families. They are looking for another option beyond being pierced in a mall kiosk or store location, body piercing or tattoo parlors, a traditional jewelry store or beauty salon. They want the privacy of physician's exam room or, better yet, having it done in the privacy of their own home.

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing has been exclusively available through select physicians across the USA for over 10 years. A decade of feedback makes it clear that the privacy of an exam room is a big deal for many parents. With our new nurse program, in home piercing is now an option. Both these options are a stark contrast to other more traditional venues and if this important to you, our product is a good fit. Unfortunately, we don't have complete national coverage - but we are working on it!

he final piece of the medical ear piercing puzzle is the right equipment. IE - equipment designed from a medical perspective to assure maximum safety. Our single use cassette system guarantees contracting a blood borne virus (such as hepatitis) cannot happen when being pierced with our system. Our ear piercing studs are made with unique medical grade components - medical grade plastic and medical grade titanium earrings. Both these materials are approved for use inside the human body and ensure the greatest possible protection from the danger of nickel allergy developing during the ear piercing process.

It is these three factors that define medical ear piercing:

  • medical personnel to do the ear piercing
  • private, dignified location
  • professional safe equipment

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing is a growing, safe ear piercing option many families are interested in.