American families have a variety of ear-piercing options to choose from. They include mall stores and mall kiosks, jewelry businesses of all types, some salons, tattoo parlors and piercing salons. The availability of these options varies by geography. Many rural families have few local options at all.

A family can get a safe ear piercing at any of these locations, as long as they are using safe equipment and following safety protocols. But how do you know if they are? This is a worry for some families.

Another concern is the setting itself. Mall settings tend to be very public. There is no privacy for what can be an anxious experience for a child. This can be traumatic for a self-conscious child.

A tattoo parlor or piercing salon can be a stimulating and creative environment, and they can certainly perform a safe ear piercing, but they can also be an intimidating environment for a family with children.

Medical ear piercing is now a viable option for many American families. What is medical ear piercing?

Medical ear piercing focuses on a comfortable, private setting, with the ear piercing done by a medical professional, using the safest possible ear-piercing equipment.

Medical ear piercing means a comfortable setting and complete confidence in the provider, as well as the equipment. The is exactly what some American families are looking for. They value privacy and dignity associated with being treated (pierced) in a doctor’s exam room.

The Blomdahl Medical Ear-Piercing system is designed and manufactured to address the two health risks associated with ear piercing: blood borne viruses and nickel allergy. The Blomdahl system has been available through a network of medical practices across the USA for 20 years. In this country, medical ear piercing has come to mean ear piercing done in the comfort and privacy of a doctor’s exam room.

In a nutshell, that is what medical ear piercing is – or has been.

Blomdahl USA is working on increasing the availability Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing by creating a network of nurses who will offer in home medical ear piercing. This service will be the ultimate medical ear-piercing experience.

  • The privacy of your home
  • The confidence in knowing a trained medical professional is doing the piercing and following all the safety protocols.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the safest of all ear-piercing systems is being used.

With this new program, Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing is now available through both physician offices, where ear piercing is done in an exam room, and independent nurses, who will ear pierce in the privacy of your home.