Have you been admiring those gorgeous gold and silver earrings shimmering under the lights in the jewelry store and wish you could wear them?

If you love jewelry and you have sensitive skin, it can be disheartening. You can still wear jewelry, but you must be sure to choose only hypoallergenic jewelry that is nickel-free. The most effective and best option for people with nickel allergies is titanium.

What makes this such an essential component for your jewelry box? Keep these positive attributes in mind.

Titanium Earrings Are Beautiful And Durable

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a stone pop out of one of your earrings leaving you with a useless mismatched pair. Twenty-two karat gold or cheap jewelry can be too soft to hold the stones in place long-term.

Titanium is an incredibly strong, beautiful silver-colored metal. Jewelry designers like it because it holds its shape and grips colorful gemstones securely, creating enticing designs.

However, what makes titanium unique is that it is entirely nickel free. Nickel is the culprit metal that is responsible for the allergic reactions that many suffer. Not only is titanium very skin-friendly and safe, but when polished, it looks similar to another expensive metal, platinum.

Titanium metal is also lightweight so that it won’t pull on your piercing holes, and you’ll feel comfortable wearing them throughout the day.

Unexpectedly Versatile and Stylish

If you aren’t familiar with nickel-free jewelry made with titanium, it is a dark silver color. Titanium earrings are incredibly versatile. This durable metal will not tarnish easily like gold sometimes does. Titanium earrings look classy because the crystals, gemstones or diamonds sit securely in this metal inlay.

Due to its durability, it doesn’t matter what type of earring style you prefer.

Blomdahl USA creates everything from dangling drops to delicate titanium earring studs and classic posts. You can find earrings to compliment your corporate attire, your favorite little black dress for date night, your weekend errand runs, and everything in between. In short, hypoallergenic jewelry doesn’t have to be bland or boring just because it’s medical grade. The demand for skin-friendly earrings means there are designs to suit everyone and every occasion.

Blomdahl USA creates titanium earrings in every color of the rainbow thanks to their creative use of dazzling Swarovski stones. Many people look for beautiful earrings that won’t irritate their skin, and our nickel-free collection brings your outfits to life.

Nickel-Free Is Why You Need Titanium Earrings

“Biocompatibility” may sound like something that you read about in a textbook, but it’s an important term to understand if you’re shopping for nickel-free jewelry. Have you ever worn a pair of costume earrings and suffered bright red earlobes afterward?

In simplest terms, biocampatible means it's safe to use on the human body. That’s why nickel-free titanium earrings and jewelry won’t cause damage or allergic reactions to the skin. Titanium provides those with sensitive skin peace of mind. It’s the same reason they manufacture medical implants with titanium.

Biocompatible means the earrings you’re wearing are truly medical grade jewelry. Eliminate the pain or discomfort you experienced in the past.

Could your earrings use an upgrade? It’s time to buy titanium, hypoallergenic earrings if you have allergies but love earrings and start your collection. Turn to Blomdahl USA, the leading source for nickel-free, titanium jewelry online. You’ll find it all, from earrings to necklaces to bracelets.