Your 6-year old is wearing you down with her requests for getting her ears pierced. You had your own ears pierced as a child, so you understand the attraction. The only thing holding you back, though, is the conflicting information you get about what is safest for your child. What is really the best thing to do?

Let’s face it; you do have choices:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Mall kiosks
  • Piercing salons
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Physicians office

Yes, you can take a child to a tattoo parlor and get piercings done, as well as any of the other locations mentioned in the list. The question still remains, though: Which is the safest for your child?

Start researching online and your confusion will increase. Depending on who is writing an article or posting a review, there is generally an agenda being promoted. As consumers we understand this, yet the traps still catch us on occasion. And this occasion of piercing holes in your child’s ears is not a time to allow that to happen.

In focusing on your primary concern, how sterile is the environment at all of those locations on the list? How often are they inspected and by whom? What about licensing requirements of the person you entrust to perform a procedure that will have lasting effects?

For every positive response you read, you will also find a negative post to offset it. So, consider this: What does common sense tell you? Assuming that the various types of businesses do offer piercing for children, which one would you trust the most without even asking a second question?

Yes, we turn to our doctors when we are unsure about anything that compromises our health or has the capability to do so. Your child’s pediatrician knows you and your family; they already know your child’s medical history, which includes things like allergies and immunizations. And if the doctor is a good one, your child feels comfortable or at least familiar with the office and the staff. Ear piercing will go more smoothly with a medical professional because everyone is relaxed.

You are in a sterile environment in a doctor’s office, so it will be a safe, clean place for the piercing. Their equipment and materials are medical grade already and will keep the risk of a reaction to the earrings to a minimum.

And, with the systems like Blomdahl Ear Piercing, more and more doctors’ offices are providing this service every day. Blomdahl uses a "modern aseptic technique" which simply means that all the products and methods are safely designed to avoid the spreading of infections during piercing. The ear piercing is guaranteed to be safe and hygienic.

Parents are faced with a multitude of choices about every aspect of protecting their children. But this is an easy one to settle. Even though it’s not a medically necessary procedure, it’s an important one for those who choose to do it. Put your child’s safety as well as your peace of mind in the hands of a medical professional.

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