For most people, jewelry is an accent that can enhance any outfit. A beautiful statement necklace adds drama to a little black dress, a pair of pearl earrings can put the finishing touch on a bridal trousseau, and a thin chain can turn any t-shirt and jeans into the perfect outfit for an evening of rock ‘n’ roll.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from contact dermatitis your choices for jewelry can seem quite limited. Contact dermatitis is what happens when someone with a nickel allergy (it’s quite common) wears jewelry that contains even a small amount of this metal. Instead of exuding confidence, many women are embarrassed and uncomfortable from the itchy, red rash that can take weeks to dissipate. Earrings are a common culprit, which has led many people to switch to skin-friendly medical-grade earrings.

What Are Medical-Grade Earrings?

Jewelers make medical-grade or hypoallergenic earrings from hypoallergenic materials like medical-grade plastic or titanium. Nickel is a common metal used in jewelry manufacturing, as it’s stronger than gold or silver and can be mixed with these common metals to create a stronger, more cost-effective final product.

As an alternative, medical-grade plastic earrings consist of durable plastic that’s completely hypoallergenic. The other standard option is medical-grade titanium earrings, made out of pure titanium. Prized for being lightweight and strong, it’s why doctors use titanium for medical implants and instruments.

Hypoallergenic Earrings Are Indistinguishable From Regular Metal Earrings

Our earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all made from hypoallergenic materials, which is either left plain to show off the beauty of the materials or coated in a thin layer of silver, gold, or black. We carefully apply our unique coatings to only the parts of the earring that don’t come into direct contact with the skin. Gold, silver, and black lend very different looks to a piece of jewelry. Black-coated titanium earrings add elegance to your daughter’s prom outfit and can make a self-conscious teen girl with a nickel allergy feel confident and poised. To add shine and sparkle, we offer options for jewelry inlaid with genuine Swarovski crystals and high-quality cubic zirconia. Pairing a gold color with any of these crystal options are hypoallergenic earrings that any bride would be thrilled to wear on her wedding day.

Our Titanium or Medical-Grade Plastic Earrings Offer Long-Lasting Value

Our hypoallergenic earrings offer a fantastic combination of long-lasting value and peace of mind. We use only pure materials, and you’ll never have to worry about the presence of anything other than medical-grade titanium or plastic. The materials that we use are also extremely long-lasting, and if they’re taken care of correctly, can be handed down as heirlooms. Our medical titanium earrings, in particular, are perfect to gift because they’re great for everyone. Designed by top jewelry designers, these medical-grade earrings are perfect for sensitive skin. Nickel or other metal allergies can develop at any time, and if you’re purchasing a gift, you’ll want the recipient to be able to wear it without having to worry about developing a reaction to the metal.

There are many reasons why everyone loves medical-grade earrings, but the best one is that everyone can wear them. Grandparents can gift a set of earrings to a grandchild with confidence, or you can purchase a matching set for all your girlfriends without leaving out someone with sensitive skin.

At Blomdahl USA, we’re proud to offer some of the most beautiful and hygienic jewelry in the United States. All of our pieces are manufactured under strict sanitary controls. Shipped in hygienic packaging, you are the first person to touch your jewelry. Our medical-grade jewelry offers the perfect blend of style and safety, made with top-quality materials.