Finding out you can’t wear just any pair of beautiful earrings is the same as saying you can no longer wear heels. Sensible shoes only? I don’t think so! But not being able to wear your fav earrings happens a lot.

Recently, I became one of those statistics. After years of wearing any types of earrings, I developed a sensitivity to nickel. My cheap earrings (not the good 18k yellow gold ones) would cause my ears to become inflamed, itchy and red. It is called contact dermatitis, and I now get it any time I wear earrings containing nickel, especially white gold.

The good news is that I found beautiful medical plastic earrings that match my style and taste. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Luxurious Medical Plastic Earrings

While being hesitant to give up my favorite itch-inducing studs and drop earrings, I will admit that switching to my more expensive gold hoops provided immense relief. When you wear allergy-causing jewelry, you end up clawing at your ears, your neck, or wherever it touches your skin, until your skin is hot and swollen. Not very attractive or trendy.

The benefit of medical-grade plastic jewelry is that it is entirely nickel-free and hypoallergenic. You can wear it comfortably day and night.

The beautiful thing about discovering medical-grade plastic earrings is that I now have a variety of styles for any occasion. It comes in the same styles and varieties as metal jewelry, that's why medical plastic earrings are so sexy. Pretty medical plastic earrings become part of your outfit, but also, part of the image you want to project to the world. They provide me with the ultimate luxury of feeling fantastic in my skin.

The Style Benefits of Having Hypoallergenic Earrings

If you’ve watched any television series over the past decade, you’ll be aware that many women share the dream (including me) of having a walk-in closet full of fabulous shoes, and a jewelry box stuffed with goodies able to amp up every outfit for any occasion. As we’ve moved more into the decade of social media, the meaning behind your earrings and outfits in expressing your personality has evolved. With everyone aspiring to keep up with trends or present an individual image, it becomes much easier when you have the choice collection of stunning jewelry. Thanks to hypoallergenic medical plastic earrings, we have those options.

Are Medical-Grade Plastic Earrings High Quality?

Hypoallergenic jewelry is, by definition, high-quality. Medical facilities use the same materials for sutures, implants, and other medical devices where failure is not an option.

Medical plastic is extremely durable, yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. Blomdahl USA uses and trusts the material as a setting for genuine Swarovski Crystals in every color of the rainbow. It’s safe for babies and makes stunning earrings for girls and women of any age.

Medical Plastic Earrings Are Sexy!

Having a great pair of earrings to complete your outfit can be empowering. It may sound like a small thing, but it can have an impact on our self-esteem. When we look and feel great, we show confidence, and confidence is SEXY!

Boost your confidence and add dazzle to your outfit. You can find medical-grade plastic earrings retailers online at Blomdahl USA.

They make a safe, fun, and fabulous gift for yourself or anyone who appreciates style and colors.