Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings

Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Star

    Difficult to Clean

    These earrings look nice in and it’s not obvious they are plastic. Size is good, still on the petite side for my large adult ears. However, I find that the backs get filled up with “gunk” aka dead cells and it’s quite difficult to get it out.

  • Posted by David

    best for healing ears

    After 18 months of recurring infections in a new piercing,trying every other type of safe metal and plastic we could find,Blomdahl medical plastic earrings were the only ones that allowed my daughter's lobe piercing to heal. She has been wearing only Blomdahl for 2 years now (several styles, both plastic and titanium), and both remain healthy with no complications.

  • Posted by Diana Jackson

    Medical Grade Earrings

    I’ve tried so many types of earrings for my little girl’s sensitive ears. These are the only ones she can actually wear and sleep in without any irritation! Finally!!!!

  • Posted by Robin

    Medical Plastic 6mm Earrings

    These are life changing. I can wear earrings now like everyone else. There are times I forget I have them in. I haven't worn earrings in more than 20 years because my ears would constantly get irritated and sore what all other earrings on the market. I will definitely be back for more from Blomdahl USA. Thank you!

  • Posted by Michelle

    Best earnings!!

    My 6.5 yr old daughter loves them!
    Ordering another pair to keep at camp as back up.
    Thank you for such great quality and looking product!

  • Posted by Kristina

    Medical plastic 6mm earrings

    I these. I myself am allergic to nickel and so when my little one was pierced I found a.physican who pierced with the blomdahl medical plastic studs. Kept her ears away from nickel for the first year. I went to order her daily earings but seeing that she was just a baby we needed earrings with backings that she could not pull off. These were not available at the time. I then looked to see what was and we ordered these. She loves them as do I. I had got her titanium earrings from a local jeweler and they seem to bother her and she wants them out within seconds to no more than 30 minutes. Usually within 5 seconds she starts complaining regarding any earing and for take them out but with these she dis initially ask but agreed to give them a go and has now kept wearing these for about a week. No more complaints either. I asked her how they were and she said "Great". We will now be ordering more for both of us. These were larger than I expected and look very nice. Family that have seen them have given many compliments on them and inquired about them as well.

  • Posted by AshB

    Love these!!

    My daughter has sensitive skin and wears the medical plastic earrings without any irritation! They are adorable on her and are still sparkly after months of wear!!

  • Posted by Tina

    So excited!

    I havent been able to wear earrings in about 20 years due to becoming allergic to metals that were even nickel free which i had always been able to wear. I have always had issues with piercings. I remembered wearing plastic earrings as a small child that caused no problems, but i was under the impression they were now discontinued. I decided to do a google search for plastic post earrings and these came up. So glad i bought these! They are very cute and dont look like plastic earrings! Being i hadnt had an earring in in over 20 years i did have to help the rings through (my holes never closed) i have been spinning them like a fresh piercing and after the first day had no tenderness. Usually they would get red, swollen and almost infected like. Nothing like this has happened! Will def buy diff colors and styles! Love love love these!

  • Posted by Maryann Harbison


    I like my new earrings.

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