Pastel Violet
Pastel Violet

Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Christina


    I love all the medical plastic earrings! It is sooo great to be able to wear earrings again and EVERYDAY ALL DAY if I want to!

  • Posted by Melissa

    Great for baby!

    These are so much cuter in person than on the website! I was worried about them not being screw back for an infant, but the backs “snap” on very well and are very secure! I will be purchasing more!!

  • Posted by Shirleen Thiboult

    The best earrings yet

    I thought I had tried it all with my two year old daughter and was starting to think I was just going to have to let her earring holes close. Even the 14k gold earrings were causing her skin to crack, bleed and itch. I found these online and figured for the price, why not try? Today is day 3 and her ears are healing up and look so much better! Also, I was worried about the backs because she manages to even get the screw backs off. These have stayed perfectly in place and I haven’t seen her even touch them. So grateful to have found these and plan to stock up. I’ll never turn back! Thank you so much!

  • Posted by Tia Clay


    These have been great for my one year old daughter. Her ears were pierced with Blomdahl originally so I wanted to continue with the brand. We’ve tried Claire’s etc but her ears are sensitive. I’m addition these stay in really well for how active she is. We will be repeat customers likely for life as I now want some for myself. I love the packaging, how fast they arrive, and number one the quality.

  • Posted by Chrissy


    The best earrings for my sensitive ears.

  • Posted by Mollie

    Simple, yet beautiful

    I absolutely love these earrings, especially for infants. The doctors office used this brand when piercing her ears and they are still so wonderful. They dont poke into her head, they're flexible, and they're so pretty.

  • Posted by Jennifer Urlie

    Helping my problem ears to heal

    Comfortable to sleep in and just the right size for my smaller frame. I was worried the plastic would look tacky, but they are very pretty. Have been wearing these 24/7 for about two weeks now.

  • Posted by Susan

    Great quality! Perfect size!

    I bought these for my one year old granddaughter! It’s the only earrings that she can not pull out of her ears! Awesome!!!!!

  • Posted by Donna von Berge

    Medical Plastic 4mm earrings

    I've had an irritated (left side) ear piercing for 3 months - these are the only earrings that aren't irritating my ear. I plan to let the piercing heal before trying other earrings!

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