Medical Plastic 6mm Star Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Star Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Star Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Star Earrings

Medical Plastic 6mm Star Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by JB

    Found something that worked

    My 8 y/o daughter loves these. We finally found a pair of earrings that does not irritate her ears. They really sparkle.

  • Posted by Kayla

    Plastic Star Earrings

    I originally bought blomdahl earrings to help my daughter ears heal. They worked so well for her. I also have sensitive ears and even gold earrings make my ears itch. These don't make my ears itch at all!! I even sleep with them in because I forget they are even on! Love them so much.

  • Posted by DeAnn White

    6mm star earrings

    These are Perfect! Such a great product for those with sensitivities like my daughter.

  • Posted by Terry M.

    Love these earrings

    This was a great way to order the earrings our granddaughter needed! Since she had recently gotten her ears pierced she needed plastic studs! Ordering was a breeze! They were shipped the very same day! Everything was perfect & she absolutely loves vets them!

  • Posted by Milo

    Perfect for Surgery

    I bought these specifically to wear during a recent surgery, because I had recently gotten my ears pierced and didn't want them to fester and close up while in the several hours of my surgery. The surgery staff was happy to let me wear these during the surgery. I also am allergic to all metals except for titanium, so these will be great for every day wear as well. I am definitely happy with these earrings.

  • Posted by Mary

    Love these!!

    As someone who has metal allergies, I didn't want my daughter to experience those troubles as well. She had her ears pierced with Blomdahl medical plastic earrings and we never had any problems. We decided to purchase these for her second pair of earrings and they are gorgeous, even prettier in person. Same great quality I have come to expect from Blomdahl. Thank you so much for your great products!!

  • Posted by Nicole Lavigne

    These earrings are great fir my daughter! She's had problems since her ears were pierced with sensitivity to so many metals and store bought plastic earrings but these have allowed her red ears to heal! She loves them

    Thank you!

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