Medical Plastic 6mm Flower Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Flower Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Flower Earrings
Medical Plastic 6mm Flower Earrings

Medical Plastic 6mm Flower Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by JB


    These earrings have never caused irritation from my daughter. We bought her three pairs of earrings from this website, and this is her favorite pair. She wears the pink flowers every day. We really love how there seem to be tiny stops on the backs of the posts that click. We always know to click hers twice and they stay on, but are not too tight. My daughter even wears the earrings to bed. Thank you for making these!

  • Posted by Nicole

    6MM Flower Earrings

    These earrings are amazing. They are beautifully crafted. We purchased the purple ones and my daughter loves them. Even better, though, in about 3-days, my daughters ears went from being sore, itchy, bleeding and swollen to being healthy enough that she can take them out and change them herself without any problems! These earrings have provided a miracle for our family. Thank you Blomdahl!

  • Posted by Cassie

    Fantastic option!

    We recently ordered my 5 year old 2 pairs of medical plastic earrings based on another mom's recommendations and I'm dumbfounded! These are incredible! She had her ears pierced as a baby but we have had nothing but problems with her earring holes for two years now. We tried everything and they would not heal. I finally went with a very high quality solid gold hoop, and it took 6 months but they finally looked healthy and fully healed. We decided to try a "medical grade" "nickle free" "hypoallergenic" metal, and within 2 days her ears were bright red and bleeding. So back to those hoops. Problem is, they're boring, and her sister has all the sparkly fun stuff because her skin can tolerate it. Anything sparkly and true gold? Super expensive (and come on, kids lose stuff way too often for $100+ earrings). I took a chance, and these have not irritated her ears AT ALL!! Not even a tiny bit! They look healthy and aren't sore at all. She says they're comfortable and she can't even tell that they are in. Of course, she LOVES how pretty they are, and I love the price! We already bought another pair, and some extra backs, which is my only complaint... she lost a back already (luckily, not the earring somehow), I feel like they come off easier than I would like. That's my only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

  • Posted by Lynda Killinger

    6mm flower

    My granddaughter has had a terrible time for over a year a few months ago we got her first Blomdahl medical plastic she has had not one problem so we bought her second pair and soon a few more we are so greatful for these earrings best ever

  • Posted by Ron

    6mm Flower

    Finally found earnings that my wife can wear without any reactions

  • Posted by Mollie


    I absolutely love these earrings, especially for infants. The doctors office used this brand when piercing her ears and they are still so wonderful. They dont poke into her head, they're flexible, and they're so pretty.

  • Posted by Jessie Johnson

    Great earrings!

    My daughter loves these earrings!! Not only are they super cute, but these are the only earrings that don’t cause her ears to get infected. They are definitely worth the price for me.

  • Posted by Deanna Herrin


    Love the earrings’ look... but one of the earring backs have come off and we lost it. My daughter has only worn them a few times. The material is great for her ears they don’t irritate or make the hurt which I love!

  • Posted by GM

    No more infections!

    Since starting this brand, my daughter had no infections. We're very lucky we found these because I was getting tired of cleaning puss. The only criticism I have is that they come so small!! I wish they made the floral part a little bigger!

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