Medical Plastic 5mm Butterfly Earrings
Medical Plastic 5mm Butterfly Earrings
Medical Plastic 5mm Butterfly Earrings
Medical Plastic 5mm Butterfly Earrings

Medical Plastic 5mm Butterfly Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Beth Hershberger

    Saved my daughter's piercings!

    My daughter's ears were not healing after being pierced over 6 months ago; they were bloody and oozey if we missed even one cleaning all these months later, no matter which type of metal earrings we tried. This was our last try or we were going to let them grow closed - but within hours of putting these in her ears, they were perfect again - no blood, yellow goo, or even redness/irritation. She says they "feel good" (she's 4). Just ordered another pair so she has some options!

  • Posted by Jackie

    Stopped the hurt!

    My 7 year old got her ears pierced and struggled with bloody backs and infections for almost a year; we were told she had an allergy so we tried numerous posts for sensitive ears (titanium, etc.) to no avail. My mom found these as I was ready to break the news that she might have to take her earrings out for good. These are the ONLY earrings she can wear and her ears cleared up almost overnight. She has had them in for 4 months straight with not one issue. The backs are comfortable for her. The plastic isn't really visible--they are cute, too!

  • Posted by Danielle Omole


    These earrings have been a Godsend for my 4yr old. Her ears were pierced using a different pair of Blomdahl earrings by a nurse. I was told after the 6 wks I could switch them to regular post earrings. She suggested just getting some off of Amazon which I did. A few days after wearing them her ears became infected. I searched for a different type of earring and stumbled on this site remembering these were the type she originally had. I bought a pair, switched them out and saw improvement the very next day. Her ears haven't had any problems since. The earrings are sparkly and pretty. I highly recommend.

  • Posted by Christie McDougald

    Perfect replacement

    Perfect size to replace my 7 month old’s earrings from original piercing.

  • Posted by Megan hamilton


    Cute, strong, easy to insert and put the backs on. My daughter seems to be tolerating these so much better.

  • Posted by Julie Ray

    Medical plastic Butterfly earrings

    My 4 year old daughters ears would just not heal after being pierced (despite using many different metal options and cleaning meticulously) so I found these online and so far we have had no problems and they seem to be healing while she has stopped complaining of itching. So happy with these so far!

  • Posted by Amanda

    Blue Butterfly Earrings

    I purchased these for my 6 year old who had her ears pierced with Blomdahl medical plastic earrings and decided when it was time to change we would continue to use the platic. She loves them! Great Quality!

  • Posted by Kayla

    Pink Butterfly Earrings

    My 5 year old got her ears pierced a few months ago and they were not healing properly. She got big blisters next to her piercing. I looked into different earring materials for more sensitive ears and tried these. Now that she is wearing these, her ears have healed in a matter of weeks. I am so happy. I am going to be a loyal customer!

  • Posted by Rochelle

    5mm butterfly earrings

    They look so cute on my almost 2 yr old! Love the color! Good purchase..

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