Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings
Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings

Medical Plastic 4mm Earrings

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Customer Reviews

  • Posted by Madison

    Picture perfect

    I’ve ordered these particular earrings twice because my daughter lost the first pair lol. All and all these are perfect for my infant and best of all, free from allergens!!!

  • Posted by Jen

    Medial Plastic 4mm Earrings

    I am 100% happy with these earrings. I purchased them for my (at the time) 5 month old daughter that was having an allergic reaction to the earrings that were used at the doctors office to piece her ears. Her ears cleared up significantly within 24 hours of wearing them. Her ears since have cleared 100% and there are no irritations. I would highly recommend these earrings to anyone having a similar issue. I am happy to say I also just ordered another pair for her and plan to continue to purchase addition jewelry not only for her, but myself as well.

  • Posted by Carol

    Beautiful for adults, looks like little diamonds

    For the last 3 months, I've been wearing a titanium post in my ear that I purchased somewhere else to try and heal an allergic reaction I've had. It did very little, plus it was not very attractive in my ear. I decided to buy a pair of these medical plastic studs, and not only does my ear look better in just a week of wearing them, they look SO much prettier in my ears, they look like little diamonds. You can't see the plastic at all, you only see these little sparklers in my ears. I am SO pleased with these that I will not hesitate to purcahse others. Thank-you so much!

  • Posted by Tracie

    Medical plastic 4mm earrings

    These earrings saved my little girl’s ears! I read other reviews that made me hopeful but you just never know how they will work for you. If you have a little girl whose ears are not healing well after piercing and even have swollen red bumps these may help you. My daughter’s ears were completely back to normal within the first few days with the help of regular saline cleaning. We went from hopeless to happy thanks to these earrings!

  • Posted by Megan Thomas

    Love these earrings!

    My pediatrician used these when I had my daughter's ears pierced and they lasted for almost a year before we finally lost one. I love the crystal gems because they go with everything. They are also very easy to change without coming out unintentionally. Very highly recommend this product.

  • Posted by Tiannah

    Great product!

    I have suffered with sensitive ears to all earrings until I tried metal free and it was the best decision I made. I wish the post was a little thicker though to make them feel a little sturdier.

  • Posted by C Allen


    LOVE THESE!! My 10 month old is not effected by the plastic and in fact, this is what her doctor recommended. Great purchase

  • Posted by Michelle

    Perfect for my second piercing

    I had my ears double pierced over 20 years ago and have always had issues wearing earrings as it would burn, itch, and hurt. When we got my daughters ears pierced we learned about medical grade plastic earrings she suggested I try them in my 2nd hole and it works. I can FINALLY 20+ years later wear an earring in my 2nd hole. I'm ecstatic!!

  • Posted by Sherry


    I’m allergic to metal and I tried these earrings and love them. I just ordered another pair. Thank you for making these they are so beautiful and look even better in person.

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